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Barangaroo, Sydney

KPMG Australia. Barangaroo International Towers Sydney

Working four years on the KPMG Australia Sydney project has allowed a deep connection with the Brand, designers and building itself.

World class design, problem solving, budget control and rapid communication were some of the key elements that lead to a successful outcome, the only one possible.

Lighting, together with other disciplines, have been used as design tools for improving wellbeing and productivity. Research shows that these are crucial aspects of everyday working life – must haves for a company with clear and successful visions for the future.

Lighting as a reflection of KPMG core values: “Leading by example in a way that exemplifies things”, “Working together bringing out the best of each other but also being great individuals, and “ Being honest and transparent in communications”.

These values are gently embedded in the lighting design as a subconscious reminder for everybody who has the pleasure and honour of walking into the KPMG Australia office.

Total floors: 13
Client floors: 2
Interior Design typical floors: Davenport Campbell
Interior Design Client floors: Ego Group
Electrical Service: M. Engineering

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