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Ovolo Hotel
Woolloomooloo, Sydney

Winner of the 2016-2017 IES Australian Lighting Design Awards of Excellence NSW.

Winner of the 2017-2018 National IES Australian Lighting Design Awards of Excellence.

The brief from the Client was to make this space attractive not only for the guests of the hotel but also for occasional visitors, hence the catching eye design from the main glass entrance.

Heritage and iconic character are the original ingredients, which integrate with human scale design, and energy saving technology, allowing lighting to be a brush for painting the new Genius loci (from the Latin, “soul of a place”).

The relationship between the Interior Designer and the Lighting Designer is comparable to the one between an Chef and the Sommelier.

The collaboration begins long before the meal is ready, with the sommelier recommending the wine which will be used as well as ingredient for cooking the meal and linking other flavors and ingredients together.

When tasting the meal and the wine, the two flavors will complement each other.

The boundary of where the interior design ends and the lighting design starts are not visible: everything works perfectly  like the musicians of an orchestra directed, by a great Maestro, creating one unique symphony.

Interior Design: Hassell
Services: M.Engineering

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