Light it Design is  working on partnerships with Australian Universities to demonstrate that well being and productivity can be improved with the use of Artificial Lighting.

Many of us now live and work predominately, live and spend our days in indoor environments, however, our bodies have been designed in a symbiotic relationship with the nature and its natural 24hr lighting cycles. Spending so much time in artificial lighting, staring at devices with artificial light, disconnects our body clock from the outdoor environment.

Advanced lighting technology and design could influence hormone production and consequently decrease stress and anxiety, and improve sleeping patterns.


Well-being and productivity strategy.

Health Care

Well-being, recovery speed up, night workers shift strategy.
Hospitality mood design for front-of-house areas.

Aged Care

Well-being, enhancing social skills, addressing mood.


Well-being and jet-lag recovery strategy.


Well-being, improving learning, addressing behaviors.

Mars – Space

Well-being, adaptation to other environments, survival.

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